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 Struggles... from a natural horseman convert!

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PostSubject: Struggles... from a natural horseman convert!   Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:55 pm

Making the transition to natural horsemanship can be a little difficult at first. You can be so tempted to just continue with the ways you are used to... or you can be so tempted to try a 'quick fix'. Natural horsemanship means taking the time to develop a partnership with your horse, and putting the needs of your relationship with the horse first. It can be hard sometimes to put the saddle away when you've come up for a good ride, but then realize your horse needs you on the ground that day.

Be optimistic though! Once you have established a good relationship with your horse, you will be able to progress really quickly and will excel in whatever you do! Be patient!
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Struggles... from a natural horseman convert!
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